Case Study
TDO + Currier Plastics

By developing a workforce knowledgeable in Lean and Lean Six Sigma and supported by the standardized training methodology of TWI, Currier Plastics has incorporated both the saving in efficiencies, training times, training effectiveness, and floor space that Lean and Lean Six Sigma promise.

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Case Study
TDO + Northland Filter

“We reduced lead times while cutting waste which immediately turned into profits. Through the realignment of the production area, we increased output without additional equipment or employees. Because of the success of our transformation, order volumes have increased 40% creating a need for expansion and an opportunity to introduce new product lines.”

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Case Study
TDO + Knowles Precision Devices

“With TDO’s help we have been able to show significant improvements in key performance indicators such as an over 50% decrease in lead time and a 20% improvement in unit costs. The associated changes in culture and communication are helping retain employees which is critical for our growing business.”

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Helping Fund Your Next Project

Finding the resources can sometimes be the biggest obstacle to pursuing your plans for operational excellence and the future growth for your company. TDO can help assist you through the process to secure funding for activities like: product development innovation, security, workforce development, global expansion, cybersecurity, revenue growth, quality systems, productivity, business transformation, capital equipment/expansion, and impact by foreign competition.

Let TDO show you the way to grant funding for your project.