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TDO + Northland Filter

Northland Filter International LLC Achieves Success with Lean Manufacturing, Training Within Industry, Managerial Accounting Overview, & Lean Six Sigma

“Northland Filter Int’l successfully completed a lean six sigma transformation with TDO.  We reduced lead times while cutting waste which immediately turned into profits. Through the realignment of the production area, we increased output without additional equipment or employees. Because of the success of our transformation, order volumes have increased 40% creating a need for expansion and an opportunity to introduce new product lines.”

– Dennis Hollenbeck, Plant Manager


  • Time: 6-week reduction of lead times due to process changes
  • Cost Savings: $100,000 in scrap reduction
  • Culture: Better utilization of workforce, reduction of unnecessary overhead
  • Improved Productivity: Better control of inventory, reduction of lead times, and reduction of overhead


As Northland Filter International LLC experienced growth, the lack of available space within their existing facility became an issue. In an effort to improve space utilization, manufacturing efficiencies, problem solving, and competitiveness, a plan was implemented to initiate a Lean Transformation, Managerial Accounting Overview, and Lean Six Sigma in conjunction with Training Within Industry Job Methods (TWI JM). The plan was supported by Technology Development Organization, a division of the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) and a NIST MEP affiliate.


TDO assisted Northland Filter International LLC with a complete Lean Transformation, Training Within Industry Job Methods (TWI JM), Managerial Accounting Overview, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training. Individuals across all product families were trained in the four-step methodology of TWI JM. These individuals were placed into teams that were tasked with developing breakdowns of jobs that needed to be improved. The Lean Six Sigma training included three Green Belts and one Black Belt.

By developing a workforce knowledgeable in Lean and Lean Six Sigma and supported by the standardized training methodology of TWI, Northland Filter International has incorporated both the saving in efficiencies and floor space that Lean and Lean Six Sigma promise.

Company Profile

Northland Filter International LLC designs and manufactures air filters in Oswego, NY for a wide range of markets and applications, from commercial and industrial buildings to manufacturing cleanrooms and specialized OEM equipment.

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