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Currier Plastics Achieves Success with Lean Manufacturing, Training Within Industry, & Lean Six Sigma

“For nearly a decade, and most recently with the regimen of training initiatives and the ITMS Certification, CNYTDO/TWI has once again been the catalyst and ‘trusted advisor’ in helping us take another step towards Operational excellence.” The developed skills in Improving methods, the skills in Leading and the skills in Instructing we have established over the years through the TWI programs have been the core of our training system here at Currier. The Positive Impact that the highly skilled TWI trainers have had at Currier Plastics has been significant and sustained through many changes over the years. The process of the ITMS certification has/will help Currier to continue the growth of our frontline leaders by allowing them to see how Leadership, Planning, Support, Operation, Performance evaluations and Improvements all play an equal role towards the success of our training system. I look forward to our future relationship with TDO and the many successful steps ahead leading us to Operational excellence.”

Scott Reilly, Continuous Improvement Manager


  • TWI Job Relations – 0% turnover in supervisory ranks, 50% larger pool of back-up leads
  • TWI Job Methods – $40,000 saved in Improved Methods YTD
  • LSS Green Belt – 2018 training complete, 3 projects underway
  • TWI: 2018 ITMS Certification – 10% increase in completed training (first 60 days) and a 10% increase in passed audits (following 60 days) KPI / Visual Factory – $ 60% increase in shift turnover participation, 10% drop in Downtime since training in March


As Currier Plastics experienced growth, the lack of trained and qualified resources became an issue. In addition, multiple gaps within the areas of lean manufacturing and quality assurance were identified. In an effort to improve knowledge levels, training practices, manufacturing efficiencies, problem solving, and competitiveness, a plan was implemented to initiate a Lean Transformation and Lean Six Sigma in conjunction with Training Within Industry methodologies (TWI-JR & JM). The plan was supported by Central New York Technology Development Organization (CNYTDO), a division of the New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) and a NIST MEP affiliate.


CNYTDO assisted Currier Plastics with a Lean Transformation, Training Within Industry Job Relations and Job Methods (TWI-JR & JM) training, Training Within Industry International Training Management System Certification, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training, and KPI / Visual Factory training. Individuals across all departments and functional areas were trained. The Lean Six Sigma training included three Green Belts. By developing a workforce knowledgeable in Lean and Lean Six Sigma and supported by the standardized training methodology of TWI, Currier Plastics has incorporated both the saving in efficiencies, training times, training effectiveness, and floor space that Lean and Lean Six Sigma promise.

Company Profile

For more than 35 years, Currier Plastics has provided countless customers with custom molding solutions that deliver the products that people depend on to be safe and secure. From health and beauty to food and beverage, Currier Plastics covers everything from design through delivery with an unrivaled assurance of quality.

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