Helping Central New York Manufacturers
and Technology Companies Grow and Prosper.

Professional Services

The TDO team offers unprecedented value in every engagement delivering industry-specific expertise and years of practical experience as well as the ability to help you find and secure grant funding to help pay for your project.

Our team consists of experienced practitioners certified in specialized training, techniques and approaches that can help your organization in workforce development, project management, quality control, safety, lean manufacturing, strategic planning, among others.

An independent survey of clients identified significant economic impacts over a recent five-year period supporting jobs and profitable growth.

  • $184M new and retained sales
  • $11M cost savings
  • $70M investments
  • 1,574 new and retained jobs


At TDO, everything we do helps your team build the skills they need to achieve operational excellence and empowers your employees to directly contribute to the success and growth of your company. We focus on harnessing the power of your people by developing workforce strategies that can help them become better leaders, more effective problem solvers, innovative idea generators and process management experts; all while dramatically improving their technical skills.

The TDO team will work directly with you to develop and deliver customized in-house training and workshops that focus on discovering and building the talents of your people to unleash the potential for operational excellence and sustained growth in your company.


From new product development to commercialization to market intelligence, the TDO team can leverage our unique innovation and ideation processes to help you innovate new paths to bring your products to market and grow your company.

TDO can deliver the processes and programs that can unleash the power of innovation and drive new ideas in your organization:

  • Kaizen Event
  • Toyota Kata
  • Technology Commercialization


Transformation is at the core of the TDO mission. The key to sustained operational excellence is delivering the cultural transformation and insightful coaching that ensures that specialized training and workforce development initiatives are consistently put into practice in day-to-day operations.

The TDO team will not only deliver the principles and processes that can transform your organization, they’ll also deliver the oversight and coaching required to make sure the transformation sticks:

  • Kaizen Event
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Transformation Planner
  • 5S Workplace Organization
  • Executive Coaching


If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it and you can’t fix it. The TDO team can help you drive continuous improvement in your organization by deploying a consistent approach, accurate measurement systems and the on-going feedback loop that will enable you to continuously improve your company’s process, workforce efficiency and operational plans.

The TDO team can employ the right tools and processes to help you measure it, manage it and fix it:

Lean Principles

  • Kaizen Event
  • Kanban
  • 5S Workplace Organization
  • Cellular Workflow
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Quality Tools



Taking your company’s growth to the next level might be found on the road to operational excellence. Maybe it’s hidden in a strategic plan for new market development. It could as simple as finding the right resources to make your current plan a reality. Whatever obstacles to growth you face, the TDO team has a proven track record in helping companies discover and realize their full growth potential.

TDO offers an insightful approach and the tools that can help you find the hidden potential in your company and convert it to real growth:

  • Innovation Ideation
  • US Department of Commerce Service
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Managing Change Process
  • Executive Coaching


Reaching your full potential requires vision and a well-conceived plan. The TDO team can contribute on many levels to your internal planning processes for operational excellence and continuous improvement. We have decades of experience in helping companies develop short-term action plans, workforce improvement plans, manufacturing process plans and long-term strategic plans that deliver lasting results.

Helping Fund Your Next Project

Finding the resources can sometimes be the biggest obstacle to pursuing your plans for operational excellence and the future growth for your company. TDO can help assist you through the process to secure funding for activities like: product development innovation, security, workforce development, global expansion, cybersecurity, revenue growth, quality systems, productivity, business transformation, capital equipment/expansion, and impact by foreign competition.

Let TDO show you the way to grant funding for your project.