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Lean Six Sigma

Drive Operational Excellence
Through Waste Reduction and Variation Reduction

Lean Six Sigma is a blended strategy combining the best of “Lean Manufacturing” and “Six Sigma”.

The results seen by TDO’s clients who leverage these approaches often generates returns on investment of 20:1 to 50:1 in the first project.

Six Sigma

Contributes a structured data driven approach focused on projects and daily business process management. Six Sigma practitioners use two “frameworks” as a guide for completing projects.

  • DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve Control)
    used to improve existing processes
  • DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Validate)
    used to design new processes and products


Most often associated with Toyota’s production system, focuses on flowing customer value without waste and creating a culture of daily continuous improvement.

  • The principles of Lean are achieved through application of various commonly used tools which are learned in the TDO program.
  • Examples include SMED (rapid changeover) Kanban, Poke Yoke (mistake proofing) and many more.

TDO’s Lean Six Sigma Programs

Our programs follow the ASQ body of Knowledge for Green Belt and Black Belt Certifications with some added elements that TDO has found to be especially helpful including Toyota Kata and TWI (Training within Industry). The designation of “belts” was initially adopted by Motorola to indicate levels of mastery similar to martial arts.

Both the LSS Green Belt and LSS Black Belt programs utilize classroom learning, hands on exercises and simulations, and real-world company projects to build knowledge and skill. Black Belt includes some content beyond Green Belt and also goes into more detail and depth on some of the topics included in Green Belt. The quantitative tools such as regression analysis and design of experiments are good examples.

  • TDO’s LSS Green Belt and Black Belt include 64 and 80 hours of instruction respectively, but much of the learning comes as the participant’s “learn by doing” on their own company project.
  • Work is guided by TDO’s experienced and certified Black Belts and Master Black Belts.
  • TDO’s support goes far beyond a Typical LSS offerings and coaches often participate in Company “tollgate” project review meetings.
  • This coaching combined with hands on simulations and exercises delivers value far beyond typical “online” courses.

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Case Study
TDO + Knowles Precision Devices

Projects were undertaken by 14 Green Belts and 2 Black Belts in several manufacturing processes as well as some front-end office systems. The results were significant especially regarding variation reduction, yield improvement and capacity gains. Three departments improved yield by greater than 20%…

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