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Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a lean manufacturing tool used for mapping out a process in order to identify and eliminate all non-value-added waste that exists within a process. A value stream considers ALL steps, both value-added and non-value-added, required to complete a product and/or a service from beginning to end.

A VSM event begins with a “Current State” map. This phase requires participants to document how the process is actually running, not how they think the process is running or how they think the process should run. Many details about the process are captured during this phase of a VSM (i.e. cycle times, resources required, technology being used, among others).

After completion of a “Current State” map, participants will be tasked with creating a “Future State” map. The purpose of a “Future State” map is exactly what its title suggests; it establishes a picture for what the desired “Future State” should look like. This typically includes a significant reduction in lead times, inventory, and floor space, and an increase in productivity for the company.

Comparison of the “Current State” and “Future State” maps helps with the creation of action items needed to transition a process to a more desirable level of business excellence. Proper application of lean manufacturing tools and methodologies is often the most effective way to address the gaps and successfully achieve transformational growth.

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Helping Fund Your Next Project

Finding the resources can sometimes be the biggest obstacle to pursuing your plans for operational excellence and the future growth for your company. TDO can help assist you through the process to secure funding for activities like: product development innovation, security, workforce development, global expansion, cybersecurity, revenue growth, quality systems, productivity, business transformation, capital equipment/expansion, and impact by foreign competition.

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