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FREE Series: Leaving $ On The Table

3rd Edition

The 3rd edition of TDO’s ongoing webinar series, “Are You Leaving Money on the Table” whereby we bring together organizations that can help local manufacturers move their business forward was on August 26, 2020. Guest speakers from TAAC, the Carta Group and EMPEQ discussed:

  • Grants available if you have been impacted by foreign competition
  • The SECURE Act, the opportunities available that could reduce or eliminate annual admin fees and plan audit fees as well as reduce fiduciary responsibility for providing 401k plans
  • COVID’s impact on financing and how to maximize finance approvals during the pandemic
  • Best practices for positioning your company to maximize finance approvals the first time

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TDO was excited to have our sister MEP centers, AM&T and AIM as both a partner and host.

Guest Speakers

Teresa Stockton, Client Development Specialist

Jeremy Caza, Partner
Carta Group

Herbert Dwyer, Co-Founder & CEO

Stuart Brown, Director of Financial Services

FREE Series: Leaving $ On The Table

2nd Edition - Energy Usage & Savings

On July 22, 2020 guest speakers from Skyven Technologies, Integrity Cost Consulting, MACNY and CHA Consulting discussed energy usage and savings programs that could help businesses including:

  • No-Cost Heat Recovery Program
  • Cost-recovery and reduction on waste, phone, internet, and utility bills
  • NYSERDA assistance with energy efficiency through training/and or financial subsidies

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Guest Speakers:

Dr. Arun Gupta, Founder & CEO
Skyven Technologies |(469) 708-8786

Steve Thompson, Founder & President
Integrity Cost Consulting | (315) 935-9379

Cindy Oehmigen, Director of Energy & Corporate Services
The Manufacturers Association of Central New York (MACNY) | (315) 474-4201 ext. 14

Ryan Voorhees, Associate VP
CHA Consulting, Inc. | (315) 257-7189

FREE Series: Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

1st Edition

On June 24, 2020 guest speakers from National Grid, Workforce Development Institute & CNY Works discussed programs that could help businesses, including:

  • National Grid’s Manufacturing Productivity Programs
  • Building workforce skills and strengthening employers’ ability to hire, promote, and retain workers.
  • Helping to upskill current workforces, and/or recruit, hire, train, and retain new qualified workers.

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Guest Speakers:

Brian Anderson, Lead Economic Developer
National Grid |(315) 428-5140

David Goodness, CNY Regional Director
Workforce Development Institute | (315) 529-3162

Marcy Grenier, Workforce Innovation Coordinator
CNY Works | (315) 477-6974

FREE: Clarifying ERP In A Cloudy World

On May 28, 2020, guest speaker, Rob Moyer discussed the do’s and don’ts to implementing a successful ERP system.

Watch the webinar in full to learn about:

  • Steps to ensure a successful ERP project
  • Best practices for ERP selection
  • What should be my focus? Business objectives and desired future state.
  • Deployment considerations – cloud vs on premise.

If you have either been thinking about or discussing any of the following, this recorded webinar is for you:

  • Is it time to upgrade?
  • If you should opt for a new system.
  • How to select the right ERP solution.
  • Differences between On Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid options.

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