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Strategic & Hoshin Planning

Strategic planning is a roadmap to business growth. The most successful companies in the world use robust strategic management systems that cascade the plan down through all levels of the organization based on agreed upon goals and objectives. Each employee knows how they will personally contribute to company goals. The process assures that input from all levels is collected and used in the planning process. Measurements and a progress review system are also important elements.

Hoshin planning is a type of strategic planning popularized in Japan. Hoshin plans include both breakthrough objectives to set future directions and continuous improvement and control of existing key business processes, referred to as business fundamentals. It uses a PDCA cycle to instill a consistent approach and to assure a feedback loop is in place to continuously improve both the process and operational plans.

TDO’s skilled facilitators and business advisors will guide your company through the selection of a strategic planning process, initial planning and the process for annual reviews and updates. We will facilitate the meetings, so that all members of your team can fully participate in the discussions and decisions. TDO uses this structured approach scaled to fit small and medium companies to help you develop your roadmap to success.