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Project Management

Formally managed projects drive significant benefits to the bottom line and increase the odds of meeting goals for schedule, budget, and specifications. By carefully defining deliverables, allocating budgets, controlling scope creep, documenting the plans, and formalizing communications, projects are much more likely to succeed.

Basic Project Management can be applied to hardware and software implementations, new products, facility expansions, new business processes and more. TDO’s workshop on Basic Project Management will fully prepare your leaders and team members to effectively manage projects with the framework, tools, templates, and techniques for success.

Workshop Overview

TDO’s certified Project Management Professional (PMP) will deliver an 8-hour, “train and do” workshop to familiarize participants with the basics of Project Management. The workshop includes classroom presentation and exercises to teach participants how to plan and organize the project, track required resources, control costs and keep management up-to-date. It tracks to the Project Management Institute’s body of knowledge (PMBOK).


  1. Introduction to Project Management
  2. Individual Project Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Defining the Mission & Approach
  4. Project Methodology Overview
    • Project Planning
    • Developing a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Estimating Effort and Duration
      • Task Dependencies & Critical Path
      • Resource Leveling
  5. Work Plan Review and Sign-off
  6. Project tracking
    • Reporting progress
    • Tracking reports
    • Keeping Project on Track
  7. Risk, contingency, and action plans
  8. Administrative closure - documenting and storing project data