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Lean Product Development

Lean Product Development (LPD) applies the waste elimination philosophy of lean operations into the product development process. LPD methods and principles help firms reduce time to market, improve resource utilization, and reduce new product development risk, while cutting waste, reducing product costs and product development expense. Firms that embrace the practical, waste-eliminating methods of Lean Product Development have reported up to a 50% reduction in launch schedule, dramatic improvements in gross margin and enhanced customer satisfaction. In addition to consulting services by TDO staff experienced in new product development, TDO offers the following:

Quickstart Lean Product Development Workshop

Quickstart Lean Product Development is a 2-day workshop designed to introduce a company's executive managers, department heads and employees in marketing, engineering, finance and administration - to the benefits and methodologies of Lean Product Development. Quickstart" workshops provide a step-by-step methodology for integrating powerful waste-eliminating tools into any product development process. Workshops can be tailored to your specific product development process needs. The workshops expose participants to an ideal Lean Product Development process and to LPD tools and methods - many of which can be applied immediately. The process can be easily scaled to a company's size and need, while providing insight and tools to begin the journey to transform their product development activity into a low waste, high value, lean process.

The 6 workshop segments include the 5 "events" of the ideal "Quickstart" lean product development process along with a segment devoted to management systems and methods that are the "glue" holding the process together. Hands-on exercises by interdisciplinary "teams" demonstrate the tools and the integrated product team approach inherent in LPD.

Main Workshop Segments:

  1. Overview and Workflow Management System Methods
    Introduces a simplified project management workflow system and methods that will dramatically reduce time-to-market while increasing development resource capacity. The objective of this section is to equip participants with Lean Product Development management tools (such as visual boards and stand-up meetings); development principles; techniques; and best practices that can be deployed immediately to enable rapid, high-value project development.
  2. Market Requirements Event
    Participants are shown how customer needs and/or requirements can be converted through systematic tools, into prioritized engineering specifications. The primary inputs to the event are voice-of-the-customer data, market requirements brief, and competitive data; and the key outputs are a prioritized list of high-level engineering requirements, a market positioning statement and a set of action items to be executed during the concept design activity.
  3. Planning/Risk Management Event
    Participants are shown realistic project planning methods, including schedule, launch date, budget, and a resource plan, and how to perform proactive risk identification and mitigation for the project. Project prioritization strategies are also discussed. The key outputs of this event include the project budget and resource plan, the project milestone schedule, a prioritized list of risk issues, and action assignments for risk mitigation.
  4. 3P/Cost Reduction Event (Design 3P)
    Participants are shown innovative cost reduction and quality enhancement tools to reduce product manufacturing cost and improve manufacturability and delivered quality – before significant project costs are incurred. Modeled after Toyota's 3P (Production Process Preparation), key outputs of this event include a preliminary manufacturing plan, prioritized lists of critical-to-quality and critical-to-cost improvements, capital plan, and action items to implement.
  5. Design Review and Freeze Event
    Participants are shown how this event reviews and finalizes specifications, timelines and costs, and generates prioritized lists of corrections, improvements and a master action list as outputs in preparation for production launch.
  6. Production Readiness Review Event
    Participants are shown how this event verifies and finalizes that all critical actions from the Master Action List have been completed, including qualification test data, final production launch plan, final layout for lines and cells, poke-yoke/fixturing/equipment, test/inspection, sourcing/supply chain, distribution/logistics, and sustaining support.

Lean Product Development Overview

Designed to be a full day, single or multiple-company workshop that exposes companies’ management teams and key marketing, manufacturing and engineering managers to the basic tools and methods of Lean Product Development. The workshop’s 5 segments are: Introduction to Lean Product Development; How to Implement a Lean Development Process; Defining Market Requirements; Managing Cost during the Design Phase; and Tools for Rapid Project Execution. This workshop shares a large portion of the content and topics of the 2-day Quickstart workshop, but is limited in the number of tools and methods taught, and the depth of exposure to some of them.