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Supply Chain Management

Managing a supply chain effectively and proactively will create competitive advantages. TDO’s experienced consultants can help you with:

Strategic Sourcing

Creating a system where supplier decisions are based on how well they meet your organization’s goals and objectives not only for costs and quality, but for capacities, environmental sustainability, and business practices. Risk management, global sourcing, logistics and total cost of ownership are key concepts in the plan. A robust supplier evaluation and performance management system is included.

Lean Supply Chain

Applying lean manufacturing tools and techniques to take waste out of supply chain operations. The processes are evaluated by engaging your supply chain upstream with vendors and downstream with customers to assure wastes and costs are minimized. This integrated process includes forming open partnerships with your vendors and customers to create winning outcomes for all parties in the supply chain.

Green Supply Chain

Working with vendors and customers on sustainability throughout the supply chain including product life cycle plans, packaging, transportation, waste streams and recycling.

Reshoring Evaluations

Evaluating the business case and total cost of ownership (TCO) for goods and services procured off-shore. With changing market factors such as increased shipping costs, delayed deliveries due to increased port security, fuel costs, rising wages in China, and political unrest in many parts of the world, TCO is often shifting in favor of domestic suppliers. Risk management factors such as intellectual property, technology transfer, and communications are also assessed. Potential benefits of reshoring include reduced inventory requirements, improved consistency and quality, reduced IP risk, and a lower TCO.