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HBDI Whole Brain® Thinking

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI®) is a thinking style assessment tool built on Whole Brain® Thinking, a holistic and complete model for making all types of decisions.  Easier to grasp and apply than other assessment tools, this powerful psychometric assessment defines and describes the way an individual thinks and processes information, and provides insight into why the person values certain types of information over others. With that knowledge, individuals can learn how to “flex” into other ways of thinking to adapt to others – how they think, what they value, and how they communicate, to bridge the gap quickly.

HBDI is used in organizations across all industries to enable individuals to be more productive and effective in their careers, resolve conflicts, be more persuasive, and to better understand themselves and others.  For organizations as a whole, the HBDI tool enables leadership to understand the collective thinking preferences of all or a subset of team members and make a determined effort to seek out perspectives that may be lacking internally. Over 75% of Fortune 500 companies have used HBDI in the last 5 years, and 93% of the top 100.

Participants will take the instrument on-line before attending a workshop where they will learn from TDO’s HBDI® Certified Practitioner about the different thinking styles and how to interpret their own results.