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Technology Commercialization, Design & Prototyping

The New York Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NYMEP) network is piloting an exciting new program to harness resources across New York State to assist manufacturers in the product development and prototyping process. TDO is the designated MEP center for central New York.

A statewide database of design and prototyping services is being created and populated with vetted companies that can effectively support your full prototyping needs. TDO project managers can do anything from simply connecting you to the services all the way through managing the entire process if your internal resources are stretched.

For concepts in the early stage, TDO can connect you with university, public and private resources for technology feasibility studies, early stage research, resolution of technical challenges, and commercialization planning.

With the assistance of the NY-MEP network, New York State businesses will overcome technology hurdles quicker, leverage limited staff resources with outside assistance, and bring the right products to market faster.

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