Driving Operational Excellence,
Innovation & Growth Through People

Sales & Marketing

Sales growth in competitive markets requires closely aligned marketing and sales efforts to meet your business goals. TDO can help you think through the possibilities and determine the best use of your resources to deliver the maximum impact.

The right mix of on-line marketing strategies and tools

TDO will help you assess your on-line marketing mix, recommend a strategic direction, and be a resource for implementation. Together, we can create

  • a new website to showcase your company and provide value to your customers
  • search engine optimization (SEO) program to assure potential customers find you
  • on-line ads and pay-for-click programs to drive business
  • a shopping cart to make purchasing easier for your customers
  • a social media strategy customized for your market dynamics
  • training and promotional videos for Youtube and websites to more effectively engage customers

Trade show displays and strategies

Industry trade shows and conferences are still an important way to reach potential customers. Determine which trade shows to attend and how to best reach your customers while you are there. TDO can recommend not only booth and exhibit approaches, but other methods to engage your prospects before, during and after the event.

Marketing collaterals (brochures, flyers, sales tools, videos)

TDO can guide you in developing eye-catching materials with a clearly communicated message focusing on customer benefits and differentiation.

Promotional strategies (advertisements and publicity)

Reach your customers through paid, well-targeted advertising and smart, low, and no-cost publicity strategies. TDO can coach your internal staff to develop and execute a plan or create the components for you.

Sales and customer service

Personal selling skills, sales management practices, excellent customer service, and a proven sales process framework will produce a successful sales team that gets consistent results. In addition, your distribution channels should be monitored and evaluated in light of ever changing market conditions and trends. TDO can help you assess and implement strategies to develop a motivated, successful sales network.