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Toyota Kata

Toyota Kata, made up of an “Improvement Kata” and a “Coaching Kata”, is a skill-building process that shifts our mindset and habits from a natural tendency to jump to conclusions to a tendency where knowledge and scientific thinking are used to solve problems. The Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata patterns, identified by Mike Rother in his “Toyota Kata” book, provide practical and effective means of developing the required thinking and culture. The Coaching Kata is used by managers as they mentor “learners” who are responsible for reaching challenges. The Improvement Kata involves learners setting future state target conditions and utilizing a series of rapid PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycles to overcome obstacles. When integrated into an organization, Toyota Kata patterns will help establish and sustain a culture of continuous improvement.

Customized to meet your unique needs, various Toyota Kata programs can be combined to help transform your organization and its culture.

Proven through many decades of success in Toyota manufacturing, Toyota Kata programs are a key element of organizational excellence.

TDO offers several Toyota Kata programs including:

  • Kata 1/2 day and 1 day Simulations
  • Kata 10-Hour Program in the TWI 5×2 format
  • Kata “Train the Trainer” Programs for Simulation and 10-Hour Program
  • Kata Implementation Coaching

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Case Study
TDO + Knowles Precision Devices

“With TDO’s help we have been able to show significant improvements in key performance indicators such as an over 50% decrease in lead time and a 20% improvement in unit costs. The associated changes in culture and communication are helping retain employees which is critical for our growing business.”

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Finding the resources can sometimes be the biggest obstacle to pursuing your plans for operational excellence and the future growth for your company. TDO can help assist you through the process to secure funding for activities like: product development innovation, security, workforce development, global expansion, cybersecurity, revenue growth, quality systems, productivity, business transformation, capital equipment/expansion, and impact by foreign competition.

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