Driving Operational Excellence,
Innovation & Growth Through People

Industries Served


manufacturingContinuous improvement and an engaged workforce are the foundations of operational excellence. TDO’s roots lie in helping manufacturers continuously increase productivity and quality, decrease costs and lead time, and innovate in their operations and markets.

We work hands-on with companies to facilitate growth and improve manufacturing competitiveness through lean six sigma, TWI, workforce development, quality systems, global marketing and sales strategies, new product development, energy efficiency, waste reduction and more.

Our project managers and trainers have significant manufacturing industry experience in senior level positions. We leverage all of this to develop custom strategies to help meet your business goals.

Results: Delighted customers, profitable growth



Continuous improvement principles have taken hold in healthcare. Lean Six Sigma coupled with TWI is a powerful organizational approach to solving some of healthcare’s major challenges such as nursing shortages, rising costs, shrinking reimbursements, and fast-changing technology. All areas in your facility can benefit including patient care, safety, billing, pharmacy, facilities and food services, and more. Our experienced team guides implementation efforts by coaching and training your staff members on improvement principles and techniques and enabling the cultural transformation needed to succeed.

Results: Quality, patient centered care



Delivering services and representing constituents requires streamlined processes. The universal principles of continuous improvement will help government organizations fulfill their missions. After facilitating an assessment and planning process, TDO’s lean experts will help you identify and prioritize processes to improve. Then we train and guide your team in applying lean techniques. By leveraging continuous improvement principles and engaging your employees, you will improve the flow of data, paper, services and supplies.

Results: Efficient processes, effective service, satisfied constituents