Quality Management Systems

ANSI/ISO/ASQ Quality Management Systems can help you manage and improve your business operations, attract and retain customers, and compete in a global market. Certification to one of these standards is a globally recognized accomplishment attesting that you follow internationally regarded managment practices. It opens doors to potential customers that require certification of their suppliers. 

TDO helps you understand and create Quality Management Systems such as ISO and GFSI (i.e. SQF). We’ll get you ready for third-party certification and provide hands-on assistance, mentoring and a partnership geared to achieving and maintaining certification.

You will be able to maintain the system on your own or we can help you maintain certification by providing internal audits, implementing a continuous improvement program, and assisting during surveillance audits.

We provide:

ISO Briefing

We’ll provide managers and supervisors with a sound understanding of ISO or AS requirements, what it takes to become certified, and how the company will benefit from a well-functioning QMS.


  • Pre-Assessment Audit: A full QMS audit to review all of your processes against the ISO 9001:2015 requirements.
  • Internal Audit Service: Auditing your QMS on a set schedule to assure compliance with the standard and suggest corrective actions as needed.
  • Internal Auditor Training: A two-day training seminar for internal auditors, including both classroom exercises and actual examples from your business.
  • Internal Auditor Mentoring and Support: TDO teams up with your internal auditors to conduct their first round of internal audits and provide support in developing the audit report and audit file.

ISO Implementation and Mentoring

  • Operating Procedures Assistance: Developing new procedures and modifying your existing ones. This includes evaluation of effectiveness and end-user understanding. 
  • Management Review: Essential training to ensure the effective performance of Management Reviews required under ISO 9001:2015.
  • Controlled Documents: Creating the forms and the master list of controlled documents needed to conform to the standard.

Quality Manual

TDO will help you create or modify your quality manual, not only to meet ISO standards, but also to be a valauble tool in managing your operations.

Quality Tools Workshops

Participants will receive an introduction to the seven basic Quality Tools for root cause analysis and problem solving: Affinity Diagram, Fishbone Diagram, Interrelationship Diagram, Pareto Chart, Run Chart, Scatter Diagram, and Flow Chart.


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